Mammoth Cave – Kentucky



Park entrance | Natural cave entrance | Cave decorations


Date of Visit: May 29-31, 2010

How we got there: Drove from Chicago with an overnight stop in Louisville, 6.5 hours total.

Lodging: Historic Cottages


  • Violet City Lantern Tour – 3-hour ranger-guided tour lit only by lantern light.
  • New Entrance Tour (now called Domes & Dripstones Tour) – 2-hour ranger-guided tour with views of beautiful cave formations.
  • Green River Ferry Crossing – Small car ferry that leads to the hiking areas in the western part of the park. Unique experience.
  • Green River Bluffs Trail – Short trail accessible from the visitor center area. Passes through wooded areas and has views of the Green River Valley below.

Tips: The cave is nearly the same temperature year-round, so visit in any season.

Next time: Grand Avenue Tour, 4-hour route through some of the cave’s most dramatic spaces.