Mount Rainier – Washington



Grove of the Patriarchs | Silver Falls | Burroughs Mountain Trail


Date of Visits: August 4-5, 2011

How we got there: Drove from Portland, Oregon via Mt. St. Helens during a San Francisco to Seattle road trip. 4 hours.

Lodging: Mountain View Lodge, Packwood, WA


  • Hike to Burroughs Mountain – Strenuous hike covering a variety of terrain via the Sunrise Rim, Wonderland, Burroughs Mountain and Sunrise Campground trails.
  • Grove of the Patriarchs – 1.5 mile loop through gigantic, ancient trees.
  • Silver Falls – Easy hike to a wild waterfall in a scenic gorge.

Tips: Plan to hike on snow any time of the year, bring appropriate footwear.

Next time: Visit Paradise section of the park. Wilderness hiking/camping.