Wind Cave – South Dakota



Entrance sign | Candlelight Tour Lantern | Ponderosa pine forest


Date of Visit: July 14, 2015

How we got there: Drove from Denver to Hot Springs, SD via Scottsbluff national Monument. About 5.5 hours.

Lodging: Smith Fargo Suites, Hot Springs


  • Candlelight Cave Tour – This tour goes to an unlit section of Wind Cave. The only light comes from candle buckets carried by the guests. An additional benefit is that this tour is limited to ten people.

Tips: Make sure you have pants, long sleeves and appropriate footwear to go on the cave tours. Make reservations up to a month in advance for some tours.

Next time: Fairgrounds Cave Tour. Hike in the prairies and ponderosa pine forests of the above ground portion of the park; Rankin Ridge Trail and Centennial/Lookout Point Trails.