Sightseeing in Italy: Planning ahead

Visiting Italy in July is bound to include one thing: crowds. During our upcoming trip, we will be visiting Rome, Florence and Venice, and we want to make the most of our time there. Hours spent lining up for museums and cultural sites would definitely take away from the experience (not to mention time to wine and dine!)  With that in mind we decided to purchase online tickets ahead of time for what we thought would be the most popular attractions. The first step was to find each attraction’s official website, since I wanted to be certain that I was actually getting what I was paying for (and at a reasonable price). This proved to be the hardest part, since many websites make this claim. I thought that the following list would be useful to any future travelers (click on each name to access official ticketing websites):

Purchasing the tickets was easy, since all these websites have an English version. Entrances are also all timed so we know exactly when to show up. We’ll let you know if it was all worth it when we return!

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