Beer supply running low: Return to New Glarus imminent

Remaining Stock. New Glarus area bike trails.

Our good friend and double road trip veteran Emily called with a proposition last week. “Want to meet in New Glarus?” Hell yeah. My supply of the New Glarus Brewery‘s precious “Only in Wisconsin” beers is getting dangerously low, so what better excuse to head north and re-stock. This will be our second visit to the town and its namesake brewery this year. It’s an easy 2.5 hour drive from Chicago, but this time we’re bringing alternate transportation along, the kind with pedals.
Wisconsin has an excellent network of long-distance bike trails and two of them pass through or very near the town of New Glarus. The 40-mile Badger State Trail connects Madison, Wisconsin with the Illinois border and trails beyond. The 23-mile Sugar River Trail connects New Glarus with Brodhead to the east. From our starting point in New Glarus, we’ll be able to experience parts of both, including the 1,200 foot long Stewart Tunnel on the Badger State Trail just northeast of town. Flashlights required.
While in the area this time, we’ll also try to hit up the New Glarus Bakery and find some traditional Swiss cuisine for lunch. Wienerschnitzel anyone? The only question now is how to transport our beer purchases by bike …

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