Kick of the Week: Travel-themed costumes

Park Ranger Larry – October 2009

When figuring out a Halloween costume, finding inspiration from your travels can help. Upon returning from our Great Western road trip in 2009, the first to include National Parks and Monuments, we decided we should be park rangers for Halloween. We purchased hats from a pop-up costume shop, clothes from Goodwill, crafted our own badges and patches, and transformed ourselves into park rangers Larry and Kobie. We met the real Larry and Kobie while visiting Jewel Cave National Monument near Custer, South Dakota. With over 160 miles of mapped and surveyed passages, it is the second longest cave in the world after Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. We highly recommend taking the historic lantern tour – led by Larry on our visit – where visitors get to tour the cave as was done in the 1930’s (gas lanterns included!). Over the years, some of our other costumes have included the Travelocity gnome and the Amazing Race. This year we went the explorer route…check back on Halloween to see who we were.

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