National Park Kick: Glacier

Hidden Lake Overlook, Glacier National Park - July 2013

Hidden Lake Overlook, Glacier National Park, MT – July 2013

Based on our research of great hiking trails in Glacier National Park, we had originally planned on spending a day hiking the Highline Trail and taking a ranger-guided hike to Grinnell Glacier on our second day in the park. Unfortunately we found out when we got to Glacier that both trails were still closed due to snow. Thanks to Ranger Yvette’s suggestions for alternate hikes we were able to enjoy a wonderful stay in the park – this is why asking a ranger for hiking ideas is almost always the first thing we do in the visitor center.
Some of our favorite trails:
Hidden Lake Overlook (3 mile moderate hike on boardwalk and snow to a spectacular view of Hidden Lake and the valley below)
Grinnell Lake (easy 2 miles if you take the Glacier Park boat tour on Swiftcurrent and Josephine lakes – relaxed and informative)
Iceberg Lake (10 mile moderate hike to Iceberg Lake at the foot of the Iceberg-Ptarmigan Wall, with majestic vistas the whole way. You also have the option of doing a ranger-led hike – ours was with Ranger Rick!)
Note – We have consumed huckleberries in the following forms: ice cream, shake, pie, syrup, cream soda, liquorice, and beer.
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5 Responses to National Park Kick: Glacier

  1. joolifool says:

    Hey, my huckleberry friends…what is your FAVORITE form of huckleberry?!

  2. Ryan says:

    Saw your bumper sticker at Many Glacier Hotel. Cool site. I was also bummed about the highline and grinnel trail closures.

    Anyways- cool journey you’re on. I’d love to hear more about it.

    Safe trvels!

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