Kick of the Week: San Marino

San Marino - July 2012

View from the Guaita Tower, San Marino – July 2012

During our stay in Italy two summers ago, we took a side trip to the Republic of San Marino. We spent the day exploring its medieval hilltop capital – Città di San Marino –  visiting the town hall (Palazzo Pubblico), walking along the city walls between the iconic Three Towers, and enjoying spectacular views of the surrounding Italian countryside and Adriatic Coast.

A few fun facts:
– With a population of 30,000 and measuring 24 square miles, it is one of the world’s smallest countries.
– The country is governed by two elected Captains Regent – one from each political party – who are replaced every six months.
– It has a standard of living similar to Denmark, little unemployment, no debt, and a budget surplus (let’s all move there!)
– The medieval City of San Marino and Mount Titano were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

Neil on the parapet wall - Don't look down!

Neil on the city wall – Don’t look down!

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