National Park Kick: Redwood

Tall Trees Grove trail, Redwood National Park, CA - August 2011

Tall Trees Grove trail, Redwood National Park, CA – August 2011

Redwood National Park was established in 1968 to protect its namesake trees, the tallest on Earth. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980, the park and adjoining state parks protect almost half of the remaining California Redwoods. Easily accessible  – right off US Highway 101 – this park is a must for anyone traveling through Northern California.

To get a true sense of how tall the redwoods really are, hike one of the many trails offered in the area. On our visit to the park, we chose to hike the Tall Trees Grove trail, a moderate 4-mile loop that takes you to Tall Tree. Also known as Libby Tree, it held the record for world’s tallest tree until 1994, when its top died back. It still stands today at an impressive 363 ft!
Tip: Vehicle access to the Tall Trees Grove trailhead is limited. Obtain a permit from the Prairie Creek Visitor Center before heading into the park.

Tall tree (center) - can you find us?

Tall Tree – can you find us?

The park also offers 40 miles of coastline to explore. A short hike to Hidden Beach at low-tide is a great way to experience this aspect of the park. Access to the trail is located next to Motel Trees, which was our accommodation for our night in the park.

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