2015 Year In Review

After ringing in the year 2015 in Santiago, Chile, we spent the first few days of January exploring the Atacama Desert. Hiking an 18,000ft volcano and visiting the world’s 3rd largest collection of geysers were highlights. Our spring break was a tropical one, covering south Florida and the Cayman Islands. Over three weeks in June and July we completed our longest road trip of all time at 4,572 miles, during which we visited 10 states and 8 national parks. Late summer took us to Baltimore and Washington DC, with side visits to Pittsburgh and Detroit. In the fall we stayed local, spending a long weekend across the lake in western Michigan taking in the area’s fantastic craft beer scene. Looking back, 2015 was perhaps our busiest travel year yet. From swimming with stingrays to off-roading in a Jeep, it was a wild one as well. Just wait and see if we can top it in 2016!


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