Great Lakes Photo Gallery

Images from our trip around Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, July 20 – August 5, 2016.
Click to enlarge, read captions and view slideshow.

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10 Responses to Great Lakes Photo Gallery

  1. boristoronto says:

    Wonderful shots. The Kakabeka Falls and the suspension bridge at Pukaskwa are instantly recognizable to me.

    • Neil says:

      Thanks! What a great, undiscovered part of North American it is. Loved reading about your trip in the area. Sounds like we lucked out with the weather later in July.

      • boristoronto says:

        I’m not sure what sort of weather you got but it felt like early spring to late fall when I was there. Did you get a chance to check out Lake Superior Provincial Park on your way down ?

      • Neil says:

        We had nice summer weather the whole time. No rain, and temps probably around 25 during the day. Everyone kept telling us it was rare weather for the area. We drove through Lake Superior Provincial Park but only stopped briefly at Agawa Rock. I’d like to get back up there and also to Sleeping Giant.

      • boristoronto says:

        Sleeping Giant is a must. Hiking the giant is a challenge but worth it. At Lake Superior PP, nothing beats Old Woman bay at sunset.

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