30 Breweries, 75 Beers

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Experiencing local flavor is always a goal of ours while on the road. One of our favorite places to find it is craft breweries, because these days it seems almost every town has its own. While having lunch at Great Lakes Brewing in Cleveland on the first day, I decided to note each beer we drank or tasted on the trip. The total went way above what I anticipated, with a final tally of 75 beers from 30 different breweries.

We visited 12 in person (ok, one was a cidery) and the rest we experienced at local bars and restaurants. We didn’t take a sip made in a state or province we didn’t visit, and that wasn’t on purpose, there are just so many ways to drink local we never had to imbibe out of region. If we had to pick a favorite, it would probably be Boxing Rock in Shelburne, Nova Scotia because of its combination of well-crafted beer and cool environment (plus they have a killer logo/branding, so that never hurts in my opinion).

Above is a map of the breweries and below is a list in chronological order, followed by the varieties we had.

  1. Great Lakes : Rally Drum Red Ale
  2. Adirondack : Tangerine Summer Dream, Dirty Blonde
  3. Vermont Pub & Brewery : Dogbite Bitter, Billy Buck Bock
  4. Foam Brewers : Lupi Fresh, Purple One
  5. Fiddlehead : IPA
  6. Stone Corral : Wild Red, Chocolate Maple Porter
  7. Baxter Brewing : Stowaway IPA, Tarantino Lager, Per Diem Porter, Pamola Session Ale
  8. Sunday River : Alt, Long Haul Lager, Redstone, Rapid River Wheat, Mountain Mama IPA, Jamaican Stout, Black Bear Porter, Raspberry Wheat
  9. Sebago : Runabout Red, Simmer Down
  10. Long Trail : Green Blaze IPA
  11. Rising Tide : Daymark APA
  12. Shipyard : Summer Ale
  13. Moosehead : Pale Ale
  14. Rudder’s : Red, Lighthouse Lager, Town Brown, Raspberry Blonde
  15. Boxing Rock : Turn of Fraise, Over the Top, Tropic Thunder, Dark as Keji, Temptation Red
  16. Annapolis Cider : Classic, Crisp & Dry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Geneva Crab Rose, Northern Spy, Hopped Pear
  17. Salty Dog : Pale Ale, Blueberry Wheat
  18. Breton Brewing : Red Shoe Ale, Black Angus, Red Coat, Sons of Hector Brown
  19. Big Spruce : Cereal Killer, Kitchen Party
  20. Alexander Keith’s : Red Amber Ale
  21. Tatamagouche : North Shore Lagered Ale
  22. Garrison : Hoppy Buoy, New Scottish Ale, Tall Ship, Raspberry Wheat, Nut Brown, Irish Red
  23. Two Crows : Pollyanna Wild IPA
  24. Picaroons : Melonhead, Dooryard
  25. Saint Bock : Pénitente, La Réincarnation
  26. Muskoka : Detour Session IPA
  27. Big Rig : Alpha Bomb Unfiltered IPA
  28. Nita Beer Company : Perfectum Stout
  29. Bellwoods : Omertá, Psidiumism, Jutsu, Jelly King
  30. Batch Brewing : Ms. Sally, That’s the Way She Gose eh?, Second to the Last Word, Unrequited, Blood In Orange Out

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