It’s a (mostly) sunny day in Colorado

We are currently on Interstate 76 about 60 miles from Denver. Yesterday we put in 634 miles from Dubuque, Iowa to North Platte, Nebraska*, with a lunch stop in my college town of Ames, Iowa. We woke up to snow this morning, but it has cleared off completely in eastern Colorado.
Our ride on this trip is a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox, generously on loan from my dad. This being our first winter road trip, the all wheel drive and heated seats are especially practical, but we’re also enjoying of the Bluetooth phone and Pioneer stereo with ipod adapter. The miles are flying by and we’ve been using the drive to research hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, snowshoe rentals and general Denver activities. We should be getting our first glimpse of the Rockies pretty soon.

*If you should find yourself in North Platte, eat and drink at Depot Grille and Pub (giant portions and good beer list). By the look of the parking lot, everyone else in town was at Applebee’s. the Oak Tree Inn offered great blackout curtains and free breakfast at the adjacent Penny’s Diner, but we can’t say we enjoyed the super thin walls.

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